Tuesday, August 25, 2015

'Gravity Schmavity' x 'SCF Estella

     This cross produced some rather interesting plants that bloomed the first time this season.  The cross was made in 2013.  All of the plants were nocturnal as well, a trait probably passed by 'Gravity Schmavity' which has H. citrina as a parent.  All went Dormant during this past winter with a low of 17 F.
Plant One.  A nice "Stella-sized" bitone.  Interesting. 

All blooms were similar in size within this cross.  Plant Two, shown above had all blooms stippled like this.  It was an odd yet interesting look. 

Above and below Plant Three.  
Here are two photos of Plant Three.  The first photo shows the bloom.  Notice the ridging and the midribs on both petals and sepals.  The second photo shows the scape and branching.  I hope this trait holds.  

Plant Four.  It kept this recurved look on all blooms.  Almost an "Unusual Form."

This flower had a great bud count and the shape of the bloom is like two Trilliums superimposed on each other.  However, it is very nocturnal and closes up before mid morning.  

Another eyed bitone.  Notice it is different than the first one I posted.  

Another pastel bitone with blooms shaped like a Trillium.  

I have found all of these to be interesting and will be evaluating them more next year.  All blooms are similar in size to 'Stella D'Oro' which is a parent of Nancy Chapman's 'SCF Estella.'  All of these plants went dormant this past winter when the temperature fell to 17 F.  All of these in this cross are nocturnal. 



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