Saturday, June 13, 2015

Crosses with Hemerocallis fulva.

I have made some crosses with various forms of Hemerocallis fulva.  Shown here are the four offspring that have bloomed so far.  
This is a side view of one plant from a H. fulva Hankow x 'Galadriel' cross.  It maintains this bell shape.  
This is a frontal view of the same flower.  H. fulva Hankow x 'Galadriel.'  I have not actually measured it, but would estimate the bloom to be right at or slightly under 5 inches.  The scapes are around three feet tall.  This plant reblooms.
H. fulva Hankow x 'Aztec Gold'  This is maybe a 6 inch bloom. That is Guara behind it.  
Shown are two blooms on the H. fulva Hankow x Aztec Gold plant.  This one also reblooms.  It gets about two feet tall.  
This is H. fulva Hankow x 'Calypso.'  It is around three and a half feet tall and the bloom is around four and a half inches.  It is fragrant.  This one has a young rebloom scape.  
Here is a front look at the H. fulva Hankow x 'Calypso' flower.  As mentioned, it smells good.
This is another plant from the H. fulva Hankow x 'Galadriel' cross.  This is a large flower being around 7 inches and it stands near four feet tall.  I don't know yet if it will rebloom.  However, it has a proliferation which will be rooted once ready.  
This is a front look at that second plant from H. fulva Hankow x 'Galadriel.'  Notice that both the petals and sepals have yellow midribs.  It almost has the 'star' look to it. 


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  1. All look really nice! I have a few Hankow from the seeds you sent???time ago! Hope to see bloom next season!

    I really like this one H. fulva Hankow x 'Galadriel'