Friday, May 15, 2015

Historic Daylilies

Here is a look at some Historic Daylilies blooming now.  These were registered before 1980. Click image for large view.
'Calypso'  (Luther Burbank, 1917)   This one smells good.
Variety unknown.  If anyone knows, tell me.  It is an evergreen in Florida.  
'Lady Neva' (Alexander, 1970)
'Crimson Pirate' (Sass, 1951)
'Lady Fingers' (Peck, 1967)  This came from an era in which the spider form of Daylily was considered a fault.  The hybridizer threw it on the compost heap but thankfully retrieved it and introduced the flower.  Also, it has some fragrance.
'Penelope' (Ophelia Taylor, 1949)  
'Doomsday' (Ophelia Taylor, 1956)


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