Sunday, May 17, 2015


Taking a little break from posting on Daylilies...   This post is one Crinums.  These will be revisited.  While known as southern plants, there are a few types that are hardy as far north as Evansville, Indiana and Lexington, Kentucky.
Crinum scabrum

Crinum scabrum.  This smells wonderful.

Crinum x herbertii

Crinum x herbertii.  This smells wonderful.

Crinum variety unknown.

Crinum variety unknown.  If anyone knows the variety name of this one, please let me know.

Crinum 'Ellen Bousenquet.'  This is a 2014 photo since it isn't blooming yet.  But, I see a couple have formed scapes.  It smells good.

Crinum powellii 'Alba'   This blooms early, often when we still have freezes.  It reblooms.  

Crinum powellii 'Alba'  It sure smells good. 


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