Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This entry is to show trees and shrubs that bloomed earlier this spring.  Some will be familiar to those further north.  I am at or near the southern limit though for many of those.  Where I live gets too cold in winter for plants grown further south in Florida.  
This is a closeup of the bloom on Walter's Viburnum.  I missed much of the bloom time on this species because I was in the hospital due to gallbladder issues.  The gallbladder is now gone.
 Above and below are looks at blooms on the tree form of Walter's Viburnum.  

This shows bloom on the shrub form of Walter's Viburnum.  
Shown is Redbud the second day after I got home from the hospital.
Fragrant Redbud blooms.  
 Above are two photos showing close looks at the blooms of Chickasaw Plum.
Above and below are looks at the flowers on the Chickasaw Plum tree.  

This is a closer look at Dogwood blooms.  This one is fragrant. 
Above and below are blooms on a Cherry Laurel shown fairly close up.  These are fragrant.  
This is a Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly on the Cherry Laurel.  

Above and below shows the bloom habit on Cherry Laurel.  
Above and below:  Azalea.  

This is a close look at Bridal Wreath Spirea.
This is how the shrub looks in bloom. 
This photo shows Fringe Tree blooms up close.  These are wonderfully fragrant.  
Shown above and below are Fringe Trees.  

Above and below are two more Fringe Trees.  I guess you all know I like Fringe Trees...   The blue flowers are Spiderworts.  

     All trees and shrubs shown in this post have finished blooming for the season. 



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